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“The world did not say to her as it said to them, Write if you choose; it makes no difference to me. The world said with a guffaw, Write? What’s the good of your writing?” (Woolf, 601)

There is a bitter taste to the pairing of these sentences. There is certainly a more biting tone to the latter especially with the accompaniment of the dramatic guffaw. However, the perceptions that Woolf depicts on the world’s attitude towards writing in general can be seen as equalized. The questions could be reversed and produce the same message: what’s the use of men writing when it makes no difference? What’s the use of anyone writing when it makes no difference?There is an underlying assumption that men possess the talent for writing because they can write if they choose, but the relevance of written creations from either sex is worthless. I recognize the misogynistic tone that Woolf relays above concerning the idea of women’s writing, however, what I can read beneath this layer of societal bullshit is that whatever anyone writes is not worth a damn anyway.