Prompt: Adorno compared (group B)

Please note the revised schedule for blogging on the Syllabus.

To come to grips with the ideas in Adorno’s “On Lyric Poetry and Society,” find a point of comparison between Adorno and one of the writers we have read so far. Try to cite specific passages. Possible approaches: how does Adorno think about form? About imagination? About metaphoric language? Is he a moralist?

The Adorno, like the assigned poems by Auden and Bishop, can be found on Sakai. For more on Adorno, you may, if you wish, consult the biographical note in Richter (1255) and Richter’s discussion of Walter Benjamin and Adorno (1202–4). The Poetry Foundation has reasonable biographical notes (optional) on Bishop and Auden.

Essays forbidden. Write a thoughtful paragraph. Blog entries are due by 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Group A: you are reminded to make up the missed entry for Tuesday, if necessary, by Thursday at 6 p.m.