Adorno argues that although lyric poetry aims to be universal it actually does not quite accomplish that because it tends to focus on the individual. He claims that “The lyric work hopes to attain universality through unrestrained individuation.The danger peculiar to lyric, however, lies on the fact that its principle of individuation never guarantees that something binding and authentic will be produced” (38). Even though several people can read a certain poem and understand it there will always be those who are more privileged in the sense that they may be more acquainted with context of the poem and therefore will have a different interpretation than others. Brooks recognizes that to some degree there truly is not an “ideal reader” when it comes to poetry, even though there maybe an intended or “true”interpretation to a poem(75). He also┬árecognizes that there are multiple layers to a poem. Some of these layers are easier to grasp and identify than other, but they all build upon each other to form an interpretation of a poem. However not everyone who reads a poem will gain the same interpretation or be cable of identifying each of the levels.